Best Bicycle Insurance South Africa Comparison

You probably found this page in your search for pedal cycle insurance in South Africa. Whether you are a cycler or are just looking for the best mountain bike insurance, we have a solution for you. Did you know King Price offers this type of insurance from as low as R1 a month? Your premium will, of course, depend on the type of cover you want and the price of your bike. Still, the point I’m trying to make is that this will cover you at a very affordable rate. If you are interested you can get a quote comparison from their website.

Cycling Insurance Introduction

Remember the rates and amounts mentioned below are just for indication purposes.

billionphotos-1080998As soon as a bicyclist obtains bike insurance coverage, the policy is most likely to offer payment for bike areas that can be fixed, such the frame and wheels, together with the complete level for the bike if it’s completed after a crash. The insurance coverage business can direct bicyclists to relied on bike buy a repair service. In addition, security for theft of the bike might be consisted of. Policies even include advantages that resemble automobile insurance coverage like roadside help and bike leasings.

If a mishap harms the bicyclist’s riding clothing, then a policy might cover the level to change them. Medical protection for physical damage that others might get throughout a mishap is another function of numerous bike insurance coverage programs.

Plan Options

Bike insurance providers usually offers a range of plans. For that reason, bicyclists can choose a policy based upon their requirements. Alternatives consist of programs with various deductible limitations such as R1000, R3000 or R5000. When bicyclists select insurance coverage that secures them for physical damage to their bike, policies will normally guarantee the bike versus crashes, vandalism and fire.


About Bike Rental Insurance Payment

If a bicyclist harms his/her bike throughout a competitors, then the insurance coverage might supply repayment for a leasing. For that reason, racers can still contend to make sure that their numerous training hours are not squandered.


Charge Compensations

Bike insurance coverage offers repayment for competitors costs when the bicyclist is not able to take part in an occasion. The majority of policies have payment limitations such as R5000 for each competitors and R10,000 for the policy period. Remember that to get approved for a competitors charge repayment, the bike damage need to take place under conditions that the insurance coverage business will cover.


Bike Components Defense

A policy might safeguard bike owners for lost or harmed parts. The insurance coverage business will typically have a defense limitation. For instance, it might conceal to R5000 for each event including loss or damage with an overall limitation of R10,000.


About Liability Insurance coverage

Remember that liability insurance coverage will not cover injuries that the insurance policy holder sustains throughout a mishap, however it will cover individuals that they might harm. Likewise, the program might secure the bicyclist for building damage. For example, if the insured rider faces another bicyclist or through a house owner’s fence, then the policy will offer monetary defense.


Injuries or Damage Dued to an Automobile

When bicyclists share the roadway with car, they might be associated with a car mishap. If the motorist of the automobile does not have insurance coverage, then the bicyclist’s bike policy will offer monetary protection. The security will likely showcase event limitations such as R250,000 or R500,000, which will rely on the bike owner’s policy.


About Roadside Support

Roadside help provides numerous advantages. For example, it will safeguard bicyclists throughout bike failures like broken chains and blowouts. The function will supply transport for stranded riders. Nevertheless, the program might consist of a limitation such as 5 occurrences for each policy duration.

The Significance of PedalĀ  Cycle Insurance

When bicyclists safeguard themselves with bike insurance coverage, they can ride worry-free as their policy will secure them versus possible monetary occurrences. Moreover, bicyclists who acquire insurance coverage are taking obligation for the injuries and damage that their pastime might trigger to others.



Bike insurance coverage provides thorough protection for bike owners as they will have security versus theft and damage. Policies secure bicyclists economically by consisting of liability protection and competitors cost compensation. Furthermore, significant bike riders will value the assurance that bike insurance coverage offers.