Metropolitan Life Insurance

Metropolitan offers several different types of insurance policies and life insurance is one of them. They have four different life cover policies to choose from ranging from life cover, critical illness cover to disability cover.

Policies Offered by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

The following policies are available:


This is a standard life cover policy that pays out in the event that you pass away. Cover range from R100,000 to R500,000 and no medical exam is necessary.


As with the FutureBuilder, this policy also pays out if you pass away, but included are options for accidental death, all causes of death (whole or term life) and all causes (decreasing).

FutureChoice Critical Illness

With this policy you can choose from two packages, namely the core and comprehensive options. The core option pays out when you are diagnosed with cancer, a stroke, a heart attack or coronary artery bypass. The comprehensive option also cover these four major illnesses, but includes a list of other serious ilnesses as well.

FutureChoice Disability Cover

This policy will pay out when you are unable to work further due to a disability. This policy ranges from R150,000 to R4,000,000.

Metropolitan life insurance company details

If you need further information about Metropolitan’s life cover options, visit their website here